Friday, July 24, 2015

Upcoming Art Dialogues in China: Four Invitations

After my last email interview with Art Journalist Zhang Hongbin was published in about 20 press outlets throughout China, apparently there was a flood of interest in having further Art Dialogue. The organic evolution of this cultural exchange turns a one week trip to Shenzhen and Hong Kong for the NWS/China art reception into a much larger adventure. These are the highlights so far: 

Invitation from artist Xi Guo

Hi Ken, 

One of my friends who teaches watercolor in Qingdao University wants me to ask you if it's possible you can give their students a lecture when you visit China. He hopes you can talk about contemporary water-medium in the US., introduce some great watercolor artists to them, talk about your work and give them some knowledges about opportunities of exposing and exhibiting their works internationally. The date is flexible because I told him that you have wait until hear from Tianya. Also, he told me he will pay every thing for your trip (including the hotel, every meal. By the way, his name is Hong Shan. He was the one invited many Malaysian artists and me to be a part of China Qingdao Youth Watercolour Artists International Exhibition 2015. He was the curator. 

Qingdao is a beautiful city by the ocean. If you are interested please let me know then We three can talk about the details. 

Thank you! 

Xi Guo 
Invitation from art Journalist Zhang Hongbin

Dear Ken

There is a important matter need to talk about with you.

I remember you that will be end arrangement on 8 December in Shenzhen. And there are no other arrangement after 8 December. My friends know this news, they are glad to invite you visit them.

There are 3 organizations invite you visit them.

1.  Watercolour Association of Fujian Province
2. Fine Art Association of Xiamen City
3. Fine Art Department of Jimei University

All of them is in south of China and near Shenzhen City. If you could visit them, all of them could take charge of your airplane tickets and food fee and hotel fee.

In order to your activities more abundant, except three organization in Fujian city. I arrange a Hubei province visiting for you. There are gathering most Chinese watercolour artist and art colleges.

All fee of you and your wife during the visiting after 8 December will be charged by invite organization. So you do not need worried. Then you and your wife have abundant trip in China and then you could learn different Chinese culture in diferent cities and have a food taste trip also. 

I think the visiting to Fujian and Hubei will take about 8-10 days. And I think the date arrangement:

1. Hope you make a  lecture about yourself about the watercolour creating and thinking.
2. Hope you make a lecture about development and  present situation of American contemprary watercolour.
3. A dialogue with art societies and watercolour artist.
4. visiting workshops of artists.
5. visiting city attractions

They hope they could communication with you watercolour  and talk about American and Chinese artist communication.

There are more than ten universities in Hubei province. There are gathering most fine art universities in CHina. So I hope you could Chinese watercolour through the visiting to Fujian and Hubei of China.

I think it is good chance for you to learn Chinese watercolour and learn the watercolour in different cities of China and we could building a good cooperation relationship in future.

About your artworks' picture, please send me clear ones for print in magazine. The Jimei University want to put your artworks in their magazine published by their university. So please choose some you think it is good for publish. Thanks.

When you make sure your visiting date, please tell me. And we could booking hotel and plane tickets for you and your wife.

Looking forwards to your reply.

Best wishes,

Zhang Hongbin

These are the pieces Zhang Hongbin selected for the Jimei University Magazine

Reclining Nude_Oil on Canvas_18”x24”_46x61cm
Paolo Cristobal_Oil on Canvas_40”x30”_102x76cm
Slice of California_Oil on Canvas_36”x36”_91x91cm
A Day at the Prado_Acrylic on Canvas_48”x24”_91x61cm
Balboa Tower_Pastel on Canvas_36x24”_91x46cm
Hair-pin Turn La Jolla_Pastel on Board_22”x30”_56x76cm
Double Take_Watercolor on Paper_22”x22”_56x56cm
Morning Glow_Watercolor on Paper_22”x22”_56x56cm

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