Thursday, August 8, 2013


                      Beach Reader: En Plein Air ,  Oil on Museum Board,    11x14

          How time flies! Almost 28 years of teaching at the Athenaeum!

Through October 2013, I am exhibiting 21 selected works: Figurative Oils (some depicting students at work in Stephanie's class) and landscape Pastels of the Torrey Pines Golf course, Catalina Island and the San Diego area in general.

Girard Gourmet is located at 7838 Girard Avenue, 92037 
(858) 454-3321 
just up the street from the Athenaeum and is open Monday - 
Saturday from 7 AM to 8 PM, Sundays, from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Athenaeum Sunday Sketch  Oil on Board   8x10

                                       Stephanie's Painting Class #1,  Oil on Board,   8x10

                             Stephanie's Painting Class #2,  Oil on Board,   8x10

                              Stephanie's Painting Class #3,  Oil on Board,  11x14

                              Stephanie's Painting Class #4,  Oil on Board,   12 x16

                            Stephanie's Painting Class #5,  Oil on Board,  11.25x20

                            Mt. Soledad Vista: En Plein Air,  Oil on Panel,  11 x 32  

La Jolla Shores: En Plein Air,  Oil on Panel, 11x14

                            La Jolla Vista: En Plein Air,  Pastel on Board,   15 x 21

Soledad Shadows,  Pastel on Board, 21x15

                                    Catalina Casino,  Pastel on Board,   16 x 24

                                    Catalina Dawn,  Pastel on Board,   16 x 24

                                    Pine Shadows,  Pastel on Board,   16 x 24

                                   Garden Shadows,  Pastel on Board,   16 x 24

                               Torrey Pines Shadows,  Pastel on Board,   16 x 24

                                Torrey Pines: Fairway,  Pastel on Board,   16 x 24

                             Torrey Pines: Mist Rising,  Pastel on Board,   16 x 24

                           Torrey Pines: The Rough #3,  Pastel on Board,   16 x 24

                                     Del Mar Dawn,  Pastel on Board,   16 x 24

La Jolla Farms Rd,  Pastel on Board,   16 x 24

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ken and Stephanie!
Wonderful to see some of your art being exhibited at the new gallery on 6th Ave downtown. I live downtown now and walk my dog Rusty 3x a day and I pass that gallery at least once a week but don't enter every time. I will now in hopes of seeing more of you guys work.
Joanne Mell