Friday, December 18, 2009


The two of us hard at work in a corner of our studio. During the day, north light comes in when the warehouse door is open.

Rose Bowl Acrylic on Canvas 27" x 60"

In 2004 PETCO commissioned me to create a painting in commemoration of the San Diego Padres' opening day at PETCO park. The fourteen foot triptych now hangs in the lobby of PETCO's Sony Dugout Club where box seat holders and press enter the stadium.

It was in this lobby that my client (a CAL Berkely alumnus) got the idea to have me create a gift painting of UCLA vs. CAL, at the Rose Bowl, for his UCLA alumnus twin brother's 50th birthday.

To accomplish this, he drove my wife and me up to the stadium on a clear santana day where we chose our viewpoint and took loads of action and landscape pictures. After I got home and downloaded everything, I sent ideas to my client. We decided to show the football action unfolding in the context of a panoramic landscape including the distant San Gabriel Mountains.

Here are the stages:

1. Reference Photos

2. Photos roughly stitched together for a panoramic composition

3. Rough value study with numbers (used to ask client where to place the various colors of the UCLA and CAL fans

4. Photos of players used for drawing

5. Detail of drawing

6. Detail of drawing

7. Detail of drawing

8. Entire finished drawing. 28 hrs.

9. Beginning to apply paint

10. More paint (gold area CAL fans; all the rest UCLA blue)

11. Pick, pick, pick.


13. Final.
Left Video screen says UCLA vs. CALIFORNIA Bears; the other says John, Happy 50th birthday... and many more. Roll on! Jim

Rose Bowl Acrylic on Canvas 27" x 60"