Friday, April 3, 2009


This is my good friend Jan.

Astrologer Jan Oil on Canvas 40 x 30



This is the watercolor I used as a basis for "Astrologer Jan". Since it sold several years ago, I used a printout as reference for the oil painting.

Jan's Garden Watercolor 30 x 22


But Jan never liked the expression on "Jan's Garden," so I painted this second portrait which she liked better. This is the face I used for the oil painting.

Portrait of Jan Watercolor 22 x 15


In this last watercolor, I tried to capture Jan's essence as a long-time dedicated astrologer.

Astrologer Jan Watercolor 22 x 15


All the watercolors are begun with an exact cross hatched under-drawing (HB Graphite) to establish the forms and values. Then I used transparent watercolor to build up the likeness, and Titanium white for accents and final touches.
For the oil I used lots of Liquin glazes to maintain a sense of transparency and to speed up the drying time.
The oil is "hot off the press" - 2009; the watercolors were done in 2003 - 2004. It's interesting to note the differences between a watercolor and oil of the same subject... and how my vision has changed.


Marilyn Webberley said...

Ken - these are wonderful! And to be able to click the images to enlarge them and see detail, well, that's almost as good as standing before the actual painting. I enjoy reading the notes under each image as well.

Mike said...

Wow, Ken! Your work is simply AMAZING !! These last few posts really show your range! I am in awe.

Ken Goldman said...

Thank you Mike. I'm enjoying the process of blogging very much as it gives me a chance to objectify and reflect on trends in my artistic and personal development. You are kind to comment; your artworkwork, constructive comments and teaching ability inspire me too.

Mary Paquet said...

Ken, you are so accomplished. I love all of the Jan paintings. I am happy that I found your blog through Mike Bailey's blog.

Ken Goldman said...

Thank you Mary. I appreciate your comment and will look forward to following your blogging adventures too.

Susan Richards said...

Hi Ken, It's really fun to see how your vision evolved over time with these portraits!

cardesin said...

I congratulate him on his blog, and very good to say about the book is a wonderful artist.

gisele schoenberger said...

Hi Ken, looked at the phenomenal work you and Stephanie are producing. I remember the experience of the astrological animals exhibit in Balboa park. These paintings of your friend Jan the Astrologer are so good. Again, thank you for letting my daughter and me visit your studio.

You two are a great inspiration for us!

Gisele and Carah

Kathy said...

Ken, Your process is masterful and sensitive to the subject. I love the expression (second one) and illumination you imposed on your friend's portrait. Her radiant personality is apparent, and your skillful hand creates a powerful effect. You are a MASTER! - Kathy

Ken Goldman said...

Thank you Kathy; those are some mighty kind words! I've known Jan for 30 years and painted her many times. She is unique to say the least.
Welcome to the Blogosphere; it's hard to believe I was in your newby blogging shoes only last December,

Aliaena said...

Hi Ken, It's my first visit to your blog and I am captivated by the luminosity of this beautiful oil painting! What a gem. It is simply exquisite and I send you all my admiration for such beautiful work. I look forward to following your blog in the future and wish you all good things as you follow your path. Aliaena

Anonymous said...


Ken Goldman said...

Thank you for the kind words Aliaena. I visited your site too, and very much enjoy the freshness and spontaneity of your paintings and drawings. I will check in now and again to see more. It's amazing to think you live in Paris yet we correspond.
All my best,