Friday, April 3, 2009


This is my good friend Jan.

Astrologer Jan Oil on Canvas 40 x 30



This is the watercolor I used as a basis for "Astrologer Jan". Since it sold several years ago, I used a printout as reference for the oil painting.

Jan's Garden Watercolor 30 x 22


But Jan never liked the expression on "Jan's Garden," so I painted this second portrait which she liked better. This is the face I used for the oil painting.

Portrait of Jan Watercolor 22 x 15


In this last watercolor, I tried to capture Jan's essence as a long-time dedicated astrologer.

Astrologer Jan Watercolor 22 x 15


All the watercolors are begun with an exact cross hatched under-drawing (HB Graphite) to establish the forms and values. Then I used transparent watercolor to build up the likeness, and Titanium white for accents and final touches.
For the oil I used lots of Liquin glazes to maintain a sense of transparency and to speed up the drying time.
The oil is "hot off the press" - 2009; the watercolors were done in 2003 - 2004. It's interesting to note the differences between a watercolor and oil of the same subject... and how my vision has changed.