Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Temecula Overpass    Oil on Canvas    36x36

Artists look for beauty everywhere and freeways are as good a place as anywhere to find it. I am told that this massive Lilac St. bridge was constructed before the earth in the area it now spans (I-15 in Temecula, San Diego), was even removed. Its grand arch was poured as the earth underneath was slowly cut away. 
I can't even begin to fathom how something this large was engineered, but I'm sure glad it was; whether heading North or South, it is one of the most regal, eye captivating bridge spans I've ever seen. My aim in painting it was to contrast an etherial cloudscape against solid earth as bridged by beautiful, functional manmade design. Obviously I photographed it while driving. 


I-5 Corridor    Oil on Canvas Panel    12x16

To paint this image I set up in a driveway off of La Jolla Scenic Rd. above I-5 S. I was attracted to this scene by the distant curving freeways, various rhythmic overpasses, interconnecting onramps, off ramps and railroad tracks. I couldn't make up a more artistic balance of horizontals, diagonals, verticals and contrasting straights vs. curves if I tried ... all important elements of design.


My normal sequence is to paint on location first, finish accents indoors and then make a larger painting from my plein air studies. I'm not sure if I like this enlarged version as well as the plein air, but I do think it has a little more of the atmosphere I actually saw that day.

Oil on Canvas   30x40

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