Sunday, January 4, 2009


Christmas season is a slow time for sketch groups so, rather than growing rusty, Stephanie and I took the opportunity to set up a nude model in our studio. This particular model is also a student of mine who likes to trade drawing lessons for modeling time, so this six hour sketch session was like a Christmas gift. 

I worked on a large sheet of stonehenge paper (50x36") in medium sized soft vine charcoal, while Stephanie worked smaller, but more experimentally, on a half sheet of stonehenge (25x36") in a technique she developed that very day using conte sanguin, black and white powdered pigments applied with alcohol and a stiff brush. I really like the way her drawing turned out and look forward to seeing more attempts.

Ken Goldman        Stonehenge        36x50"

Stephanie Goldman    Stonehenge    25x36"

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Myrna said...

Ken, this is a terrific concept, both of you painting the same pose from different angles. Great idea for a future show. I am especially interested in Stephanie's technique. Was the Sanguine Conte also in powder form? Both images are wonderful.