Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm really green when it comes to this new blogging adventure and not sure yet what to write about when it comes to my own work.

But what I do know today is how proud I am of my wife Stephanie and her unveiling last night of a 7' x 5' life size classical portrait of Pam Whidden, one of our favorite models who also organizes and schedules all of our other models. So I will begin this  blog with a tribute to Stephanie's ultra-successful unveiling last night 12/7/08. 

There were approximately 250 to 300 people at the Athenaeum where we both teach and when that cover dropped, the mass response went from silent admiration to unanimous praise. It's hard to describe what it was actually like in words. I am also posting a few images.

This is a transcript from the introduction she gave before the cover was pulled down.

People have seen her sketched, painted, and sculpted, countless times, in all manner of costume and poses. She’s been a large part of the art community for over 30 years, working as an artist assistant and model, as well as actively training and placing models in classes and groups, privately and publicly, throughout San Diego.

commissioned myself to paint this portrait just over a year ago, having envisioned the idea 15 years earlier. After talking it over with Pam, we carefully selected what of hers would be included. Each item we’ve chosen has a story and reveals a little known side of her as a person.

Aristotle said, "The aim of Art is to present not the outward appearance of things, but their INNER significance; for this, not the external manner and detail, constitutes TRUE reality." I have sought to stay true to this classical idea of art in the creation of this painting.



Susan Webb Tregay NWS said...

Hey Ken, I'm impresses by the painting--congratulations Stephanie!! --and by the fact that I could enlarge it. How you do that?

Great job.


Mike said...

Ken, it is most evident why you are so proud of Stephanie! What an exciting and rewarding career you both have! I would have trouble sleeping at night for all the excitement.

This piece is, I am sure, worthy of a lifetime achievement. Wow!!

Myrna said...

Beautiful work! It also speaks to the generosity of Stephanie to want to create such a special tribute to another person. This represents so much talent and heart on the part of the artist and model.

Marilyn Webberley said...

What a wonderful way to start your blog! I look forward to seeing more postings and works by both you and Stephanie.
Thanks for the sharing this great event.
All the best,

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I was scrolling through your blog and recognized Pam! The painting is beautiful, congratulations!